Thursday, November 27, 2008

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No more food. Please. Just no more food until tomorrow. Maybe the day after tomorrow. Fuck, too much food.

How was your thanksgiving? Mine was long, but good. Took most of the day off work, went to eat with family, and acquired about 10 pounds of rotting fruits and vegetables to be dramatically destroyed in the very first EgoDriven.Net web video release. And before you ask; No, it won't even remotely resemble a Gallagher routine. I promise.

This video will be the first time you all get to meet one of my best friends, Knifey McKniferson. Knifey doesn't talk much. In fact, he kind of only talks to me. Knifey, you see, is a 10 inch serrated offset kitchen knife. He's a real free-spirit, though. He thinks that knives have a real bad rap.

There are some serious social misconceptions about knives. Some would even call it a bigotry. Knives are good enough to prepare our meals, but they're never really invited out of the kitchen. They're not just a one-trick pony, they can do so much more! Knifey, for instance, can fly.

Well, in a sense at least. I throw him up in the air and he flies, twisting and flipping in all directions for a moment, then he comes barreling down at high speed as my dumb ass dives underneath to catch him. Yeah, it's about as safe as it sounds.

Have you ever been cut by a razor sharp knife as it twirls haphazardly around your face, chest and neck? Well I have. Want to know if I get cut again while filming Egodriven's first web video? Me too! We're filming it sometime in the next 4 days though, so we'll all find out soon enough.

Too much turkey. Way too much turkey. Talk to you soon.


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