Friday, March 27, 2009

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The above link is just further proof that separation between church and state is a joke, at least where Texas public schools are concerned.

One thing I've been wondering about; If the public school's text books in these areas of majority ignorance teach "intelligent design" and that the earth could well be 6000 years old, are questions on God's role in creation on the tests? Is there a multiple choice question somewhere that reads:

How old is the earth?
A: 20 years old.
B: 6000 years old.
C: I'm a Godless heathen.
D: All of the above.

When I was 5 years old my grandparents took me to the Smithsonian institute to see the space shuttle my grandpa helped build. When I was young I was real big on any book about dinosaurs, so I really wanted to go see the bones. After about 15 minutes of begging, I finally convinced my grandma to escort me down the hall of fossils. That's when I first saw the T-Rex...

The T-Rex was a big deal for me! I saw pictures in books, I couldn't help my excitement, I sprinted over to the exhibit. "Grandma! Grandma! Look! It's the T-Rex! It's really here!"

"No...", said Grandma with a look of serious disgust in her eyes, "Those 'bones' were planted by Pagan scientists at the Devil's behest in an attempt to lure us true believers from the truth of Creationism, and condemn us all to hell. The T-Rex never existed."

Stunned, I stood there for a full minute contemplating what had just been told to me. My adolescent brain chewing with all it's might, trying to make what grandma said stick in with everything else I knew about reality. After plenty of complete silence, finally I point at the fossilized remains before us and said "But Grandma... It's right there!"

Creationism: So intensely retarded, a 5 year old can disprove it by pointing.

Way to go, Texas!


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